League of Tournaments
2018 League of Tournaments
The live League of Tournament tracker for 2018 is here

Update from Pavilion 85 Tournament on 7th October

20 Members enjoyed a great afternoon's tennis in the sun on 7th October as the Captain's team won the Pavilion 85 for the third year in a row.

It was great to see four of our newer members join for their first club tournament - thanks to Jennifer Johnstone, Tom Messenger, Sarah Thompson and Tony Shadbolt all join in and enjoy the Tournament.

The effect the results have on the League of Tournaments is now reflected in the overall results above.

Next key event will be our annual Christmas Tournament on Saturday 15th December 2018.

Thanks to Ryan and Peter for organising the event and thanks to Steve Goodman for his ongoing support of the League of Tournaments.

David Wilson

Club Secretary, on behalf of the Club Committee

Update from Don Gill Tournament on 20th May

Sixteen members took part in the Don Gill Cup on 20th May and overall 25 have played one or both of the first two tournaments of the year.

There is not much movement in the top half of the table. James Scully is still the leading man and overall leader on an average of 5.71 and the top three positions have not changed. However, Alison Gill is straight in at no. 14 with Anna Tomes straight in at no. 16. Jenny King remains top lady at no. 8 on an average of 3.24.

Participants in the Don Gill Tournament enjoyed a wonderful day of fabulous weather, great tennis and a lot of good fun. Many thanks to Neil and the Gill family for organising the tournament and arranging a wonderful BBQ afterwards.

Steve Goodman

The first club tournament of 2018 was completed with the Mac McCallum tournament on 21st April.

Sixteen members took part in reasonable weather which allowed everyone to enjoy the tournament.

The winner and table leader is James Scully with a very high score of 5.71. The top lady in eighth place is Jenny King with a score of 3.24.

The next tournament(and barbecue!) is the Don Gill Cup on 20th May and members are strongly encouraged to sign up now for what is always a very enjoyable event.

2017 League of Tournaments
The final league of tournaments for 2017 is here. 

I am delighted to be able to publish the overall results for the club League of Tournaments for 2017.  Mary Knight managed to hold on to top lady and overall winner for the year with an average of 4.67 - well done Mary.  Straight in at number 2 after the Christmas Tournament and overall men’s winner was Matt Borelli on 4.6 after his first tournament - really well done Matt.

Through the year we had 38 members play in tournaments with more than 20 members playing more than one event. It was great to see a number of members play in club tournaments for the first time in 2017, all of whom did really well.

We are all really looking forward to the tournament programme for 2018, which you can find under the Key Dates Tab on the website.

Steve Goodman

League of Tournament Organiser

Pavilion 85 Tournament Update

Following the conclusion of the Pavillion `85 Tournament on 1st October, the leading lady and overall leader remains Mary Knight on an average of games per tournament of 4.67. However, the new male leader is Mike Stenton who has moved up from 4th to 2nd on 4.01.


Clive Wagerfield is straight in at number 3 and James Murray straight in at number 7 following their first tournaments this year. We now have 32 members who have played in at least one tournament.


David Wilson is the most improved riser in the tournament by going up the table from 14th to 4th.


Many thanks to Mike and Peter for all their efforts in organising the tournament.


Members will have one last chance to improve their rankings by playing in the Christmas tournament on 16th December - look forward to a great turn out for that one.



Steve Goodman
League of Tournaments Administrator
Don Gill Tournament Update
Building on the success of the Mac MacCallum tournament in April, a total of 16 players participated in the Don Gill Cup on 14th May, 2017.


Following completion of this the second club tournament of the year, Mary Knight remains as top lady and top overall on an average of 4.67 games per tournament. Matt Tomes is first amongst the men having moved up from 4th to 2nd overall and with an average of 3.72.


Best latest performance by the ladies comes from Alison Gill coming straight in at number 15 on an average of 2.83 after her first tournament of the year. Highest men's riser is Jonathan Epps up from 18th to 12th with an average of 3.01.


A total of 26 members have now played across the two tournaments in 2017.


Many thanks go to Neil Gill assisted by his wife, Alison for organising the event and a wonderful BBQ afterwards.

Steve Goodman
League of Tournaments Administrator
2016 Year End

Following the completion of the final tournament in 2016 there were 36 members who participated in one or more of the four competitions.

The top lady and overall winner for the year was Louise Jeanes with a very commendable 5.33. The top finisher amongst the men was Carl Murray on 4.33.

The best improver between the last two tournaments (Pavilion '85 and Xmas Tournaments) amongst the ladies was Bea Thelwell who moved up from 33rd to 16th. David Wilson was strongest male improver who was up to 8th from 32nd.

Click here to see the overall 2016 League of Tournaments rankings.

Steve Goodman

League of Tournaments Administrator

2015 Year End

Salim Jadvaji finished top of the league with an average of 5.56 games per tournament. Top lady was Bea Thelwell on 3.73.

The best risers were Jennifer Thomas up from 27th to 16th and Steve Williams up from 23rd to 11th.

Other top players were Jonathan Epps on 4.09, Ryan Thomas on 4.04, Richard Hollyer on 4 and Pete Rattray on 3.7.

Click here to view the overall  2015 League of Tournaments rankings.

Steve Goodman

League of Tournaments Administrator


Update September 2015 following the Pavilion 85 Tournament


Richard Hollyer returned straight into the no. 3 spot after his first tournament this year following a lengthy period of injury. Jonathan Epps is up to 4th position and Peter Messenger is up from 14th to 5th.

Mary Knight is still the top lady in 6th position and there are 4 ladies in the top ten overall.


So far 35 members have participated in the various tournaments this year and we were pleased to see new member Nick Hitchcock entering his first tournament.


Many thanks to Clive Wagerfield and Peter Messenger for organising this year's Pavilion '85 competition, the first tournament for a while where male and female participants were treated as equals.


The charts and associated commentaries are managed by Steve Goodman


Click here to view the latest table.


Update June 2015

Most of the tournaments comprise matches lasting 20 minutes duration. However, so far this year the Mac McCallum cup was 15 minutes (as has been the case before) but the Don Gill cup was 18 minutes. In order to get parity with future 20 minute tournaments I have given an uplift to these first 2 tournaments (by different amounts) so that they should all be of equal value. 


We have had 32 members of the club participate in the first two tournaments of the year.

The overall leader and highest man in the league is Salim Jadavji with an average tournament score of 5.56.

Mary Knight is the highest lady and fourth position in the league overall with 3.85. In fact the ladies occupy three of the top six and five of the top ten indicating some strength in depth in the club.


Many thanks to Carl Murray and Neil Gill for all their hard work in organising and staging these events.


The charts and associated commentaries are managed by Steve Goodman

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Click here to view the June table.


2014 Year End


Here is the update to the 'League of Tournaments' to incorporate the Pavilion 85 Tournament which took place 28th September 2014.

The charts and associated commentaries are managed by Steve Goodman


After her first tournament, the Pavilion 85, Jennifer Thomas came straight in at joint number 2 with Mike Stenton and Max Warren. She occupied top position for the ladies. Jonathan Epps continued to occupy top spot overall.


Brigid Ward also done well, rising from 22nd. to 17th. after the Pvilion 85. Carl Murray was the most improved for the gents by moving from 36th. to 22nd. in the table.


The chart, which ran for 2 calender years closed at the end of 2014. A new league will commence this year and finish at the end of the calendar year.


The final positions for the League of Tournaments ending 2014 have now been compiledClick Here  to see the chart


The overall joint winners and male champions of the League are Mike Stenton and Max Warren. Each scored a creditable average of 4.25 games per short set for every tournament across 2 years. As you know, each short set in a tournament is normally of 20 minutes duration and often players will complete a typical 6-7 games in total over the 20 minutes. Players get through around 5-6 short sets per tournaments. 


Mike and Max have therefore have demonstrated themselves as the most consistent players in the club as far as internal tournaments are concerned.


Equally, Jennifer Thomas was the top and most consistent ladies champion scoring an average of 3.83 games per short set. Jennifer finished 5th in the table overall.


Over the course of the 2 years, 42 players took part in the various tournaments which were well arranged by different members of the club.

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