Pavillion 85 Tournament



2018 Tournament


The 33rd Pavilion 85 tournament – celebrating the building of our clubhouse 33 years ago – took place in glorious autumn sunshine on 7th October.

20 members were divided into a Chairman’s team, led by Peter and a Captain’s team, led by Ryan. It was particularly good to see four newer members join in who had not played a lot of Tournament’s before.

The Chairman’s team were Peter, Matt Tomes, Emma Tomes, Pauline Watts, Tom Messenger, Jennifer Johnstone, Sarah Thompson, Jim Bounden, Stuart Thornley and Jonathan Epps.


The Captain’s team were Ryan, David Wilson, Sue Dawson, Tony Shadbolt, Anna Tomes, Jennifer Thomas, Mike Stenton, Steve Williams, Paul Day and Clive Wagerfield.

The tournament was played over five 30-minute rounds, with all players playing in four out of the five rounds.A lot of great tennis was played, and great fun was had by all the players. A brief tennis tea followed the tournament.

The Captain’s team took a small lead after the first round but the Chairman’s team charged back in the second round and took the lead. Rounds and three and four went to the Captain’s team. Despite the Chairman’s team finishing very strongly and winning the fifth round, they didn’t quite catch up so the overall win went to….THE CAPTAIN’S TEAM – for the third year in a row!


Well done to all the participants – you can see a few photos from the day.

Thanks to Peter and Ryan for organising the event again this year and making it such a success.


Thanks too to the members who came along to watch the tennis and cheer us on.

David Wilson

On behalf of the club committee


2017 Tournament

We had another great afternoon of tennis at this year’s Pavilion 85 tournament which is now in its 32nd year.

The weather was looking touch and go in the morning, but held for a few hours to allow us to play the annual Captain’s team vs. Chairman’s team match. Mike Stenton led the Captain’s team this year.

16 members played this year in a toughly fought competition which was played in a great spirit by everyone. There were 5 exciting rounds which saw some great tennis played by both teams.


The Chairman's team lead the way right from the start, but the Captain’s team clawed it back little by little – coming in to the final round, there were only 5 points in it. After a great effort in the fifth and final round, the Captain’s team just snatched the victory by 65 games to 60! Well done to the winning team - Pauline Watts, Sue Dawson, Dick Avery, James Murray, Neil Gill, David Wilson, Carl Murray and captain Mike Stenton.


After the matches, we enjoyed a spot of tea provided by the members. The chairman was delighted to welcome James Murray and Steve Chaplin to their first Pavilion 85 tournament – both played great tennis and were fantastic additions to the day.


Many thanks to all members who played for making it a really enjoyable event and to Mike Stenton for sorting out the Order of Play.


You can see some images form the day below:

Peter Messenger




2016 Event 

Sun shines between the rain for the Pavilion 85


Last Saturday we had a great afternoon tennis at this year’s Pavilion 85 tournament.  The weather was looking touch and go in the morning, but held for a few hours to allow us to play the annual Captains vs. Chairman match. 20 of us turned out to play this year in what was a toughly fought competition. There were 5 exciting rounds played which saw some great tennis from both teams. When the scores were added up at the end, the Captains team ended the victors, by 69 games to 59. After the matches, we enjoyed a spot of tea, where everybody so generously donated food.

Many thanks to all members who played. It was a really enjoyable day.

                                2016 Entrants                                                                                                   2016 Presentation of trophy

2015 Event


Click here to see entry details for this years event


2014 Event


The Pavilion 85 Tournament is played each year to mark the end of the summer season and to commemorate the inauguration of the new pavilion in 1985 after the previous building was damaged by storms.


This is traditionally a match where the chairman and team captain select their team in turn by the cut of a card to determine which captain chooses first.


There is always a bit of rivalry between the team players which adds to the fun.


The afternoon finishes with the presentation of a trophy and a traditional tennis tea provided by the participants.  


Terry Clark kindly donated the trophy which has been enscribed with the winning teams name ever since. He suggested the idea of a team competition back in 1985 based on the Ryder Cup.


           2014 TOURNAMENT WINNERS                                          RUNNERS UP                           


THE CHAIRMANS TEAM                                                      THE CAPTAINS TEAM

Peter Messenger  Captain                                                   Mike Stenton  Captain

Steve Goodman                                                                    Gordon Collins

Brigid Ward                                                                           Paul Day

Jennifer Thomas                                                                  Olivia Thomas

Ryan Thomas                                                                        Carol Clarke

Steve Williams                                                                      Clive Wagerfield

Mary Knight                                                                          Emma Tomes                             

           Delia Clark                                                                            Anna Tomes

           Matt Tomes                                                                          Nigel Warren




























Sunday 28th September 2014.     1.30pm Warm Up  -  2.00pm Start 


Please add your name to the list on the club house notice board if you would like to participate in this years Pavilion 85 tournament


All entrants should be added to this list by 8.30pm Tuesday 23rd September after which the draw for teams will take place with the Chairman and Mens Captain choosing their team members alternatively from the list of available players.


As this is a closed tournament in which the order of play will be decided in advance, members who just turn up on the day will not be able to play.


The tournament is for adult members + junior members recommended by the coach or approved by the organisers.

If you add your name to the list it is important that you commit to this date and remain at the club available to play 2.00pm to 5.00pm


Play will be followed by the traditional 'Tennis Tea', it would therefore be appreciated if all players could bring a contribution towards the buffet. Sandwiches, savories, biscuits, cake or whatever else you think appropriate.

If you prefer not to bring food a £2 contribution per person would be appreciated.


I will be captain of the Chairmans team

Mike Stenton will be captain of the Captains team



Peter Messenger


Note: All 4 courts will be reserved for this tournament and will not be available for social tennis between 1.30pm and 5.30

Non participants are welcome to come and watch

Winning Captain
Trophy handover
Winning Team
Winning Captain 2
Chairman and Captain 2
Chairman speech
Chairman trophy
Chairman and Captain 3
Chairman and Captain
Chairman and Secretary

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