Horsenden friendly matches

Horsenden arranges biannual friendly matches with its neighbouring Princes Risborough Tennis Club which is a fun event with a competitive edge.

A wooden plaque updated with the winning clubs name is presented after each event.

This friendly tournament was started by Mike Stenton 10 years ago, see below the biannual winners





The Risborough v/s Horsenden friendly tournament Saturday 7 March 2020

Despite persistent wet weather this year the team captains Phil

Langley and Peter Messenger managed to select a dry afternoon

for the bi-annual friendly hosted by Risborough on their artificial

clay courts.


4 ladies and 4 men from each club went into battle with the first

round being fairly evenly matched with each team winning a set,

losing a set and breaking even although the PR team crept ahead

7 points to 5 on games won. The stars for our club in this round

were Caroline Hutton & Jenny King.


Round 2 - saw PR strengthen their lead winning all 3 sets and

clocking up 12 more points v/s Horsendens 4.

Round 3 – although Horsenden lost 2 out of the 3 sets we won

more points than the opposition and it is points which count in

this tournament. The stars were Angela Borreli & Pauline Watts

with a 5-0 victory.

Round 4 – saw PR win all 3 sets with 11 points v/s our 3 so let’s move on.

Round 5 – a draw and 2 wins for PR who gained 10 points v/s our 6. Jenny King and Steve Williams achieved the honourable draw.

Round 6 – and now for the excitement. Horsenden fighting back won all 3 sets clawing back 8 points however it was too late in the day to save the match


It was great to see 2 newcomers to these friendly tournaments, Caroline Hutton & Stuart Thornley.


Although not winning on this occasion our players enjoyed the afternoon which finished with a traditional Tennis Tea.

Sunday 18 October has been reserved for the Home round.


Peter Messenger

Team captain

Horsenden v/s Princes Risborough Bi-Annual Friendly Tournament April 2019

On a fresh Spring afternoon 8 Horsenden members challenged 8 members from the Princes Risborough Tennis Club to a friendly tournament.

There were 4 rounds of mixed tennis and 2 rounds of Ladies and Mens pairs.

Horsenden got off to a good start with an average of 2½ games per court on home soil while the visitors settled in a got used to the artificial grass surface.

Round 2 saw the visitors claw back to reduce the gap

As the afternoon progressed Horsenden managed to improve their lead and by the end of the afternoon it was confirmed that the winners shield would remain at Horsenden.

Di Wright representing the Princes Risborough club presented the winners shield to Peter Messenger after which those remaining enjoyed a traditional tennis tea with important discussions such as should the jam be put on the scone before the fresh cream

We thank Mel for organising her team once again, the games were played in good spirits and there were many familiar faces. Horsenden members always enjoy this local derby

Peter Messenger


20th October 2018 Match Report

An enthusiastic team of 4 men and 4 ladies from Horsenden played in the 19th friendly match against the Princes Risborough Tennis Club on their home soil.

Bi-annual local tournaments started back in April 2008 to give non-team, or very occasional team players the opportunity to play in friendly competitive matches.


Over the years Horsenden have won 10 matches, drawn 2 and lost 6.


On a late October day in brilliant sunshine the teams fought it out through the afternoon and, after 5 rounds, Princes Risborough won 2 and Horsenden won 3 and retain the shield once again.


It was great to see two new members Jen Johnstone and Dan Smith playing in their first competitive match for Horsenden together with Sarah Moore, Jenny King, Angela Borelli, Steve Williams, Steve Goodman and Peter Messenger.


We will be proud to display the trophy for another 6 months. A few photos from the event are shown below.


Thanks to Mel Burns from Princes Risborough for organising this event in liaison with Peter Messenger, Horsenden team captain.

Peter Messenger

Club Chairman

5th May 2018 – Tournament Report


On a perfect May afternoon our club played another round of the friendly tournaments which have generally taken place bi-annually for the past 10 years when Mike Stenton and Ruth Tupper dreamt up the idea and organised the first event.


These tournaments started so that non-team players could enjoy some mildly competitive tennis against players from our neighbouring club.


Ryan Thomas, the Horsenden tournament organiser delegated captaincy to Peter Messenger who led his team of 4 ladies and 4 men through an enjoyable afternoons tennis.


The format and order of play was organised in advance. 24 out of a planned 28 sets were played - 8 Ladies’ doubles, 8 Men’s doubles and 8 Mixed doubles sets. As many of the games were really close and the sun was blazing down on the players, all agreed not to play the final 4 Mixed doubles sets.


The duel resulted in some great tennis with lots of very close sets.


Horsenden won at our home venue 23 to 1 sets and the afternoon was rounded off with a splendid tennis tea followed by Mel Burns presenting the trophy to Peter, the Horsenden team captain.


During the presentation Mel mentioned that her team loved our new Tiger Turf courts.


Peter Messenger








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